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OS 8 and 9 and
a few copies of InTouch 2.5.2

NOTE: Only needed if the Apple's installer on your InTouch diskette is prior to v. 4.0.8.

There are two minor glitches when installing InTouch 2.5.2 on a machine running Mac OS 8 or OS 9

The first is a font ID Conflict with the font 'Bar Code Bitmap.' The symptom is some (but not all) menus show bar codes, instead of normal text. (As shown below) This only occurs with some early copies of InTouch when installed on OS 8 or OS 9 computers. For these early versions it will always occur if OS 8 or OS 9 is installed first, and then InTouch.. However, it is easily fixed.

Menu with BarCode

You will find the font inside the Fonts folder, which is inside the System Folder. Drag the font to the trash, restart your Mac and your menus return to normal. (You will not be able to empty your trash until you have restarted your computer.)

Folders View

If you need to use bar codes, complete the above paragraph and then replace the Bar Code Bitmap font from your InTouch Master Disk. Drag it to the System Folder (not the window titled 'System Folder', the System Folder itself) and let the system put it away. That will clear the ID conflict.

The second is purely cosmetic and has no effect on actually using the program. The dialog box for Importing Text doesn't draw correctly as shown below. The missing word is "lines".

Import Dialog

The problem is caused by the different spacing in the new system font: Charcoal. If you switch back to Chicago, by using the Control Panel 'Appearance', the dialog box displays normally.