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QuickProject (tm)

© Copyright 2005 Prairie Group, Inc.

Welcome to QuickProject version 1.0.

QuickProject is an outline form (hierarchical) things-to-do list. You can define projects. Projects can be divided into tasks. Tasks can be divided into subtasks. You can record the percentage completion at the project level, and at any task or subtask level. You can attach lengthy notes to each individual task or subtask. Responsibility can be assigned to an individual. Individuals can be selected from your Apple Address Book.

QuickProject can run as a demo. We grant you a 30-day license to use the program, starting with the day that you download version 1.0.

Installation Mac OS X (10.3 or better)
Installation couldn't be easier. Download the program from our Web site -- QuickProject.dmg. Double-click this file after downloading and a disk image will be mounted on your Desktop. Open this and you will see two items -- the application and a copy of this ReadMe file. Now drag the application to your Applications folder.

The cost for version 1.0 is only $10 for an introductory period. It is available for license only from our Web site.

The manual is available online on our Web site.

Contact Information
Prairie Group, Inc.
P.O. Box 65820
West Des Moines, IA 50265

Sales: 1-800-346-5392
Phone: 1-515-225-3720