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  February 7, 2000

Copyright 2000 The Prairie Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Welcome to the InTouch 2.5.3 Updater Read Me file.

- - - - -
NOTE: This updater works only with System version 7.0.1 and higher. If you are using anything else, call 1-800-346-5392 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Central Time to order replacement disk(s). The cost is $10, which includes shipping via UPS 2-day service within the United States.

- - - - -
Who Needs To Use This Updater?

Check the version number of your copy of InTouch. To do this, open InTouch, then pull down the InTouch menu and select ãAbout InTouch...ä. The About box will give you the version number. If you have version 2.5 thru 2.5.2, use this updater to convert it to version 2.5.3.

If your version is earlier than 2.5, you need to purchase the upgrade from us. Call 1-800-346-5392 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Central Time to order your upgrade to InTouch version 2.5.3.

- - - - -
Changes in InTouch version 2.5.3
- Running under Mac OS 9 when exiting the Reminder dialog you would get: The application "InTouch" has unexecptedly quit error message in the Finder.

- - - - -
Changes between InTouch version 2.5 thru 2.5.2

- A few users periodically received "Record length error" messages when moving between records. This occurred most often on machines using RAM Doublerú or Virtual Memory, although the problem was not caused by those programs. This problem is fixed.

- People using records from a data file elsewhere on the network (via InTouch Network Server) now may press Command-U to update the information on screen. This helps when two different users are looking at the same record. Previously, one person needed to switch to a different record and back again to see any changes made by the other user.

- People accessing records over the network reported that each time they clicked in the record, the beach ball cursor appeared and seemed to slow access time. The beach ball cursor no longer appears. Access time now appears to be faster, although in reality there was no difference in speed between InTouch 2.5 and any previous version. NOTE: Access time is more a matter of how busy your network is than what type of cursor is displayed.

- - - - -
Using the Updater

1- Close InTouch, if it is open.

2- Open your System Folder and open the Apple Menu Items folder. Ensure that the InTouch desk accessory is listed there. (If an alias for InTouch is there, locate the actual InTouch desk accessory and move it to the Apple Menu Items folder and remove the alias. Snap* and/or Remind Me! may not work properly unless the InTouch desk accessory-not an alias-is in the Apple menu.) Close the Apple Menu Items folder and the System Folder.

3- The downloaded file should be named InTouch Updater.smi. Double-clicking this application will mount a self mounting image named InTouch Updater.

4- Double-click the InTouch 2.5.3 Updater icon to launch the program. A dialog box will appear, showing the contents of your Apple Menu Items folder. ãInTouchä will be highlighted.

NOTE: If other versions of InTouch exist on your computer, the updater may locate them instead. Use the buttons and the pop-up menu to locate and select the listing for the version 2.5 to 2.5.2 InTouch desk accessory located inside your Apple Menu Items folder.

5- Click the ãUpdateä button. In a few moments, a message will appear stating that the update was successful. Click the ãOKä button. The old InTouch has been moved to the Trash. Empty the trash.

NOTE: If you get a message stating that the update was not successful, the InTouch desk accessory probably has been altered by someone using ResEdit, or was installed using MasterJugglerú or Suitcaseú. To upgrade to version 2.5.3, first install version 2.5 to 2.5.2 from your original InTouch disk(s) as described in the InTouch manual, then use the InTouch 2.5.3 Updater program.

We expect most anti-viral software will allow the changes being made by the updater program, but many different anti-viral programs exist and more become available all the time. If your anti-viral software complains about the updater, restart your Mac holding down the Shift key to disable the anti-viral software, then follow steps 1 through 5 above.