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  February 1, 2001

Copyright 2000-2001 The Prairie Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Welcome to the DateView Launcher Read Me file.

- - - - -
Why would you need this file?

1) If you receive a "Not enough memory" or similar error message when trying to print from DateView using an HP or similar printer.

2) When running under OS 9.1 and trying to open or in general use.

- - - - -
Installing the DateView Launcher

Drag the DateView Launcher into the Apple Menu Items folder located inside your System Folder. It should then appear in the Apple menu. Use this from now on to open up DateView.

- - - - -
If you still have problems

Go to the Apple Menu Items folder inside your System Folder and select the icon for the DateView Launcher. Choose Get Info from the File menu, and increase the minimum and preferred memory values by a few hundred K. Close the Get Info window and try DateView Launcher and the operation that failed from DateView again.

- - - - -
Why you get the memory error

Open DateView. Switch to the Finder and select "About this Computer" from the Apple menu. The amount of memory that the system has allocated for it is displayed after its name. This value can be anywhere from 60K to 90K depending on which OS version you are running. When you print the printer driver is loaded into this same memory partition. You receive the low memory error when you try to print because printer drivers are getting more complex and taking up more of this memory.

OS 9.1 has changed the amount of memory allocated and the way desk accessories behave somewhat.