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  Version 5.0.7 (Web site version)

Copyright © 2007, 2008, 2009 Prairie Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Welcome to the Read Me file for CalendarMaker® Version 5.

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CalendarMaker 5 Read Me
Version 5.0.7

Time Zone/Daylight Saving Time Issue:
Version 5.0.4 of CalendarMaker fixed an issue that prevents calendars from drawing correctly if a calendar document is edited in more than one time zone or prior to and after Daylight Saving Time changes. We highly recommend all users discontinue using version prior 5 to 5.0.4. Note after opening and then saving a calendar document with version 5.0.4 or newer you will not be able to open the document with any version of CalendarMaker prior to 5.0.4 without damaging your file.

System Requirements
* Mac OS X 10.4.3 or greater, 10.4.6 or greater recommended. You can update any older version of Mac OS X 10.4 to the current version of Mac OS X 10.4 for free by selecting Software Update from the Apple menu. [UPDATE: v.5.0.7 works in 10.4.11 through 10.6.8. A new version is needed for Lion, 10.7 and more recent.]
* Any CPU capable of running Mac OS X 10.4.3 [or newer]. Core Duo or newer Intel processor or 1 GHz or faster Power PC processor recommended.
* Quartz Extreme video support is recommended, but not required.
* Some features require an Internet connection.
* Some features require an Apple MobileMe (formerly .Mac) subscription. You can obtain a trial subscription from inside CalendarMaker.

How To Articles
You can find an ever increasing number of How To Articles online that describe how to accomplish different tasks in CalendarMaker 5. Visit www.calendarmaker.com/support/cmx/cmxhowto.html to see them all. These articles are also available from the Help menu in CalendarMaker. Additional information can be found in the Quick Start Guide that accompanies CalendarMaker.

Updates & Feedback

CalendarMaker 5 as well as this document may be updated from time to time. You can find the most current versions here on our Web site.

If you wish to provide feedback about CalendarMaker 5 please send an e-mail to

Known Issues

* Fitting the calendar layout size or margins to the useable paper size or margins may cause the calendar to print on too many sheets of paper. You may need to manually adjust the layout size or margins. If you experience this please contact us with the make & model of the printer you are using and the version of the printer driver software.
* Color gradients will always draw 100% opaque when printing.
* Printing or exporting from an already saved document will mark the document as needing saving again.

The remainder of this document describes what's new in each version.

What's New


* Extended included holidays and events through 2012.
* Additional compatibility fixes for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.


* Fixed issue with printing under Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.
* Fixed issue with calendar background image scale changing to zero.


* Fixed issues with shadows under Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.
* Fixed issues with the event list column resizing under Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.
* Fixed issues where CalendarMaker could stop responding under Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.
* Fixed issue where the wrong Inspector window could be changed when using keyboard shortcuts to change inspector panes/tabs.
* Fixed issue from 5.0.4 where recurring events could not be changed to new dates.
* Fixed issue where day name display properties would edit in unusual ways if the start day of the week was anything other than Sunday.
* Fixed problem with importing events from iCal under Leopard where no events would actually be imported.
* Worked around a serious data loss issue in Core Data under Leopard where trying to save an unedited file would instead delete the file. [This was an Apple problem that Apple fixed in 10.5.2)


* Fixed issues that prevented calendars from drawing correctly if document was edited in more than one time zone or prior to and after Daylight Saving Time charges.
* Fixed issues with the Picture browser not working correctly under Leopard.
* Fixed editing issue of event dates under Leopard.


* Fixed issues to prevent some rare cases of files not opening, blank calendars, and/or crashes.
* Fixed issue with window position not being saved and restored correctly that would cause opened document window to be completely off screen.
* Fixed issue that would cause event dates to be unexpectedly changed for multiple events with the same name if their name had just been changed.
* Added home and end key support in the event list.
* Fixed issue that could occur when clicking "Match Appearance to Entire Calendar" in the Inspector.
* Fixed issues with exported event names.
* Fixed issues with importing events from CM5 event text files.
* Fixed issues that could occur if fonts used in a calendar were missing.
* Fixed some Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard issues.


* Fixed serious importing issue with events with no text.
* Fixed crash that could occur when selecting many events in the Events List.
* Improved validation when importing from CalendarMaker 4 files.
* Improved sorting of Events List.


* Added New Online How To Articles at www.calendarmaker.com/support/cmx/cmxhowto.html which are also accessible from the Help menu
* Fixed issue where some new calendar documents could be marked as needing to be saved immediately after doing a save.
* Added text justification (i.e. left, center, right, etc.) to the default appearance for events.
* Added ability to select a group of events and change their text justification (i.e. left, center, right, etc.).
* Fixed a hang and some duplicate event issues when importing holidays.
* Added a warning if attempting to open a file from the Open Recent menu if the file is in the Trash.
* Fixed several issues with exporting to HTML.
* Fixed display issue with multi-day All Day events where they would cause other events to draw in the wrong place.
* Changed File menu to always show New Document From Template and New Blank Document instead of using option key to toggle between them.
* Removed preference that specified how new documents were made. Added preference to control what happens when CalendarMaker is launched or clicked in the Dock.
* Added warning that editing weekday names will not change the start day for weeks. Note, to set the starting weekday for a particular Month Element or Mini-Calendar, select the element in calendar view and then choose the preferred starting weekday in the Inspector > Grid Settings pane > Appearance tab.
* Fixed issue where images embedded in event text could draw outside of day frame.
* Added feature that closes new, unsaved, blank documents if an existing document is opened.
* Added warning when adding new Month Elements or Mini-Calendars if calendar already has them to help prevent unexpected clutter.


CalendarMaker is a registered U.S. trademark of Prairie Group, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

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