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Prairie Group Ships QuickConference IP

Instant Communication for Mac and Windows Networks Now Available

West Des Moines, Iowa, May 4, 1998 - Prairie Group ships QuickConference IP, an instant messaging application for use within small to mid-sized businesses.

QuickConference IP is designed to solve the communication problems businesses face each day within the office. With it, questions can be answered instantly and issues can be discussed and resolved without waiting for replies to E-mail messages, playing phone tag or arranging face-to-face conversations. Now, everyone in a company can discuss important issues and answer questions within minutes, not hours.

For example, the president of a company needs to notify the management team of a last-minute meeting, but cannot spend time calling each person or waiting for responses to E-mail. With QuickConference IP the entire group is alerted within seconds.

Also, a receptionist needs to notify a salesperson that an important client is on the phone without interrupting his current telephone conversation. The receptionist simply sends an instant message via QuickConference IP letting the salesperson know that someone significant is trying to reach him. The salesperson can also quickly reply with an instant message that tells the receptionist that a message should be taken or the caller should be asked to hold.

A key tool for businesses that need real-time collaboration, QuickConference IP utilizes Power Macintosh native server software and will ship with both Macintosh and Windows clients. The Macintosh client software runs on 68K as well as Power Macs and the Windows client requires Windows 95 or Windows NT. Best of all, unlike other instant messaging products, QuickConference IP can be used by organizations with, or without, a connection to the Internet. This method keeps confidential messages within the company.

QuickConference IP is also one of the only instant communication applications that utilizes a Power Macintosh server. Businesses and graphic houses that have or want to implement an all Macintosh network now have the option of implementing a real time discussion solution.

Pricing and availability

QuickConference IP may be purchased directly from Prairie Group, your local reseller or favorite catalog in packs of 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 users. A Retail price list follows:

QuickConference IP 1.0


User Pack



User Pack



User Pack



User Pack



User Pack


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