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John S. Kirk
Prairie Group, Inc.
(515) 225-3720

Prairie Group Releases QuickProject for Mac OS X

A Hierarchical Things To Do List

West Des Moines, Iowa, August 18, 2005 - Prairie Group announces the release of QuickProject for OS X.

QuickProject is an outline form (hierarchical) things-to-do list. You can define projects. Projects can be divided into tasks. Tasks can be divided into subtasks. You can record the percentage completion at the project level, and at any task or subtask level. You can attach lengthy notes to each individual task or subtask. Responsibility can be assigned to an individual. Individuals can be selected from your Apple Address Book.

Prairie Group, Inc.
Established in 1993, Prairie Group, Inc. develops and markets personal information management and utility software, such as CalendarMaker, InTouch With and DateView. For more information: (800) 346-5392 or http://www.prgrsoft.com.


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