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Prairie Group Ships QuickConference Version 1.5

Instant Messaging for Mac and Windows Networks Now Includes
Tighter Security, Multiple User Logins and Server Linking

West Des Moines, Iowa, May 22, 2000 - Prairie Group ships QuickConference version 1.5, adding scalability and security functions to it's instant messaging solution.

In the product today are major enhancements that include multi-user logins, server linking, custom address books and message scrambling.

A multiple user login screen now allows users to roam their network and instantly communicate wherever they happen to be working. No longer will a user have to be shackled to their desk and computer. This also allows part time employees who share a computer to easily switch between accounts by selecting their name and typing in their unique password.

By adding the "Server Ring" technology to QuickConference, companies and their partners now have the flexibility to link and run separate QuickConference servers and still maintain their instant communication over more than one local network or location.

Companies can also have a stronger sense of security to communicate their business policies and practices as QuickConference's new message scrambling adds another layer of security to their conversations.

Server linking coupled with the new message scrambling marks QuickConference as a solid instant messaging application for the business user.

Pricing and availability

Users of prior versions of QuickConference can upgrade to version 1.5 for $4 a user by contacting Prairie Group directly at 800-346-5392.

QuickConference may be purchased directly from Prairie Group, your local reseller or favorite catalog in packs of 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 users. A retail price list follows:

QuickConference 1.5


User Pack



User Pack



User Pack



User Pack



User Pack


Prairie Group, Inc.
Established in 1993, Prairie Group, Inc. develops and markets personal information management and utility software, such as CalendarMaker, InTouch and DateView. For more information: (800) 346-5392 or http://www.prgrsoft.com.


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